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Day Thirty-two

Food today:

Breakfast: Frittata (eggs, sausage, pepper, onion, potatoes)
Lunch: yesterday's beef, vegetable and beans with a corn tortilla
Dinner: Chicken vegetable soup, some ham, a bit of leftover risotto, pineapple, and the last of the cheddar cheese. That is a seriously cobbled-together meal.


I've written a little of what I learned about food through my travels. Here are a few photos to go along with those reflections.

Gardening in Niger

Kola nuts and dates were an important feature of a naming ceremony for the BU Study Abroad students. Although I was just a guest, I was baptized with an African name as well: Haisa.

Traditional farming in Guilin, China

A mother expressed her frustration that the community school in her makeshift village in Hyderabad, India do not provide meals for children. They need food to be able to learn, she pointed out.

If the cheetahs only knew how much nutritious stock they could make with their discarded bones! South Africa.

This service station in West Holmes, MS is for some the only source of food within 20 miles. Local farmers will bring their produce there sometimes to sell, as well.

Even the dog knows french fries are not good for you. He was limping and whining but turned his nose up at the fries my grandmother and I left for him. Sydney, Australia

I am sure it is not surprising that I love eating in Brazil.

Sometimes food feeds your soul, not just your body. Belfast, Northern Ireland.

All photos copyright Caryn Sweeney, 2002-2008. All rights reserved.

It was difficult to find photos to accompany my reflections. I don't take a lot of photos of food, apparently. Now, if you want mountains, temples, school children, rivers, quirky signage and places of worship, I'm your girl.


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Nov. 26th, 2009 12:46 am (UTC)
A few months ago a friend and I ate in a Brazilian Restaurant in London - your photograph of the meat of the blade reminded me :)

We enjoyed it too!
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