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Facelifts and a re-challenge

It's Day 28, and suddenly this little project is getting a lot of attention.
So, in the next few days, I am going to be sprucing up this blog, and hopefully moving it over to my own domain name. I am going to add various resources and links, and in general just make this blog more professional in appearance. I really only ever expected that my friends, family, colleagues and people on my Facebook would check it out.

I did this challenge for a few different reasons, but it was mostly for myself. I felt like I had something to prove to myself. My attitudes towards food and money run very parallel at times. If I don't pay attention, I can be very wasteful, and spend too much and eat too much, and both of those things are things I can't afford to do anymore. By factoring in the food stamp component, I also have been able to gain some new insight to childhood memories that still trouble me, and attain some peace about them. Layered on to all of that was the hope that maybe I might be able to share a little bit of what I have learned about food and the food system in the United States. I thought maybe a couple of readers would try something new based on it.


When this ends on Thanksgiving, I am going to take a few days and eat things I couldn't afford during this challenge.

Then, I am going to go again. In applied research, which I used to do for a living, you always wanted to pilot-test your study. Figure out what works, what needs to change, and then refine your plan.

I've learned a lot about what works and what doesn't in this first go-round.
  • I should have taken it a little easier in the first week or two and saved some good stuff for the final week.
  • Angel Food Ministries is a valuable program, but the hidden wheat in many of the products resulted in my being unable to use them
  • I really don't like porkchops
  • Or Italian sausage
  • It is not possible to overplan
  • Beef stew reheats really well. Gluten-free pizza crust does not. Nor do pork chops, but then those poor chops never had a chance.
I plan on taking this information and starting again on November 28, until Christmas. Since that is only 28 days, I will go with the amount of $186.76, or $6.67 x 28 days.

I want to see if I can do a better job, now that I know more about what I am doing.


Food yesterday:

Breakfast: skipped (not because I had to, I just genuinely was not hungry)
Lunch: Chicken and vegetable stir-fry
Dinner: Sausage with peppers, onions, tomato, and cheese
Snack: cheese and half an apple


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Nov. 22nd, 2009 05:20 pm (UTC)
Great job!
Just found your blog yesterday and read all the previous entries. Your observations that people who are restricted to ~$200/month not by choice have fewer shopping options and often don't don't have the time or knowledge to cook as much as you do really hits the mark. Do you know of any programs in the DC area that teach cooking/shopping skills to people receiving assistance or help them get to good grocery stores? I look forward to reading about your future challenges.

Nov. 24th, 2009 05:13 am (UTC)
Re: Great job!
Thanks so much for reading and commenting.

I don't know of any programs like that, but I am going to investigate a little and see what I come up with.
Nov. 24th, 2009 08:27 pm (UTC)
I'm impressed that you want to do it again! Best of luck with that. Will you still be posting it here or will it all move to the other domain name?
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